animanga / japancentric blog.


currently watching (spring 2014):
isshuukan friends. black bullet. nisekoi. brynhildr in the darkness.

unfinished/on hold (previous seasons):
puella magi madoka magica. kuroko no basuke. free! iwatobi swim club. kill la kill. naruto.

recently finished series:
angel beats. noragami. nagi no asukara. golden time. say i love you. kyoukai no kanata. shingeki no kyojin. dangan ronpa.

rewatching: clannad.
toradora. cardcaptor sakura. sailor moon. tokyo mew mew.

reading: naruto + noragami.

about → (follow me on twitter: @effleurir)
hi there. name's serena. ♀, canada. pre-med student.
aspiring pediatrician. fluent in french + english.
learning german on the side.
i want to study japanese eventually!

i dream of seeing cherry blossoms someday

despite being a health sciences student, i'd like to think of myself as somebody creative. i love literature, visiting museums, and i'm pretty open-minded about music. my favorite thing to do on rainy days is curl up on the sofa with a good book.

i'm also preeeetty girly. i love makeup, shoes, handbags, lace dresses, doing my hair, romantic comedies, shoujo manga...

send me an ask anytime. i don't bite. ♥



Sanae  Nagisa